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Our W.Cooper Iron Building….

This wee tin shed became ours last summer – I used to look out of our kitchen window longingly, with the hope that one day it would be ours…..and then one day it was.

We have battled the wood worm on the interior and have found a paint to match the powder blue so that we can smarten up and preserve the exterior – keeping it going for another 100 years. The building is spacious, divided in two with an interior connecting door, and ancient steps to a half loft. The left hand side is a workshop and the right side was once the milking shed.

Our wonderful neighbour who was born in Nedd in 1925 always remembers the ‘blue sheds’ – I have a photo of Nedd dated 1935 which I’ve (badly) scanned – you can see the roof of the shed in the bottom right hand corner (our house is just behind the shed with the old car parked to the side), I also have a photo of the original owner Murdo and his daughter Mary, who milked the cow each day to make crowdie & cream….I’ll find it and scan it too.

We believe the sheds were sent ‘flat pack’ by rail from London to Lairg, and then on to Nedd by road.

I’ve also included a couple of photo’s of our battered old copy of an original W.Cooper catalogue.

You can find wonderful reprints of these W.Cooper catalogues through http://Shelterpub.com along with the amazing Mr Lloyd Kahn’s other incredible books.

If you are interested in the history of Sutherland (the remote top left hand corner of the Highlands of Scotland) you would get a lot from ‘Memories of North & West Sutherland’ by Christopher J Uncles, it is packed full of great photo’s and tales of daring do, the men & women, the mail coaches and supply ships that fed and connected these remote crofting townships. Published by Stenlake http://www.stenlake.co.uk