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Ding Dong!

Christmas hearth

As I’ve said before I’m nutty for Christmas, I just love it and hold it’s magic all year. I lived in Norway for a few years when I was little, and I’m sure the deep winter snows, glowing Jotul stoves, twinkling timber cabins and hand crafted decorations fueled my love for this time of year. I still follow the Norwegian Christmas Eve tradition of leaving a bowl of porridge out for the Yule Nisse. The Nisse or Tomte is a small elf like creature who looks after the hearth and home – throughout the year – he cares for your animals and out buildings too – our Nisse lives in the ‘blue sheds’ I’m pleased to say he ate up all his porridge, probably because of the added maple syrup, sherry, chocolate and cinnamon…..

Still picking fresh salad from the garden on Jan 3rd, has been mild wet and windy – even paddled in the sea on Christmas eve, made my feel tingle alright!

Watched the film Julie & Julia during the holidays and am inspired to blog each week and talk about the things that I care about –  and to upload pics of all my new work – as a record and also to spur me on. I have a good feeling about 2013 and my creative juices are flowing, painting, making, selling – I’ll share it all with you dear reader.