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Croft Cottage SOLD!

Our Cottage nesting in Nedd

Goodness I’ve been away from here for far too long – last time I looked there was blossom on the apple trees and now the fruit is almost ripe……
Many things have happened at Oystercatcher Cottage, we are in a state off flux with our little cottage up for sale – the Highland adventure is not over – it is just on the move…. Alba Art will stay with us and the wagon too!

Oystercatcher Cottage

Living Room



Early Easter…Late Spring


Not a bad commute eh? Just one view on the road form Nedd to Ullapool…..

I’m sitting in ‘the soon to be open’ Market Street Collective Shop at An Talla Solais in Ullapool, it is cold and clear and the air smells of ozone. There is a fabulous print exhibition on in the main Gallery, and interesting folk coming in to look around.

Before the shop can open there are plinths to be moved, shelves to put up, doors to hang…. lighting, whitewashing, book keeping, form filling, advertising, emailing etc, etc – I’m looking forward to the fun bit – displaying & selling the fine arts and crafts from local makers once again. Watch this space for opening info and photos.

We’ve had the best of the weather again up here in the North West Highlands – with almost 4 weeks of sun, cold, bright, crisp days – frosty, clear nights punctured by shooting stars & fragranced by wood smoke.