Shop Open!

The Market Street Collective Shop opened in mid April – we sell the work of 30 local artists and crafts people, from ceramics to textiles and paintings to jewellery. Three of us run the shop, please take a look at our wares – if you see anything you like just email me and I can send you a link to the maker, they are a talented bunch….

3 Hares

The Gallery Shop

Yummy cards..

You can find the shop on Market Street in Ullapool and the fabulous An Talla Solais gallery – right next to the Village Hall! So if you are in the NW Highlands you know where to come for quality fine arts and crafts.

J Wrights canvas

shop display


Ancient Chihuahua….


Not art, but wonderful to draw…. our little 22 year old chihuahua…….He is old and grumpy and smells of yeast, he has half a dozen teeth left and snores as loud as any man, he is half blind and deaf and going bald…. but boy do we love him…why? Just take a look..

Bald tummy

Pancho in a basket...

Sitting in the sun

Guard chihuahua! Notice large dog letting small dog do the work!

For Lily in Sheffield xx

Early Easter…Late Spring


Not a bad commute eh? Just one view on the road form Nedd to Ullapool…..

I’m sitting in ‘the soon to be open’ Market Street Collective Shop at An Talla Solais in Ullapool, it is cold and clear and the air smells of ozone. There is a fabulous print exhibition on in the main Gallery, and interesting folk coming in to look around.

Before the shop can open there are plinths to be moved, shelves to put up, doors to hang…. lighting, whitewashing, book keeping, form filling, advertising, emailing etc, etc – I’m looking forward to the fun bit – displaying & selling the fine arts and crafts from local makers once again. Watch this space for opening info and photos.

We’ve had the best of the weather again up here in the North West Highlands – with almost 4 weeks of sun, cold, bright, crisp days – frosty, clear nights punctured by shooting stars & fragranced by wood smoke.








Spent the afternoon at An Talla Solais in Ullapool yesterday – doing a dry point engraving class, I had great fun with really good company & a great teacher – but most importantly I renewed my interest in printing…

I  have always returned to mono prints – but now I think I will keep going with the engraving, there are always new techniques to learn and products to use….


 It’s a long time since I was an art student, and I tend to do what I’m comfortable with…….so my new moto is to start learning, keep experimenting, & keep going!

For info on great courses look at –

The Bulb Show

Bulbs and chicks!

I have neglected my posts and am officially a ‘bad blogger’…..
I do not know what caused my absence – perhaps I needed to hibernate, but with Spring just around the corner, frogs spawning and birds twiterpating I return to post anew!
To get in the mood for Spring I include a photo of my humble entry into the Stoer Hall Spring Bulb Show!

Such days…

Today is one of these days…….

Such days, when trees run downwind, their arms stretched before them.

Such days, when the sun’s in a drawer, and the drawer locked.

From February – not everywhere by Norman MacCaig.


The fires are on & the soup is on the stove. The cats are in the dogs are sleeping. I may join them…


New art photo’s next week……

If you like Scotland (and Assynt) then have a read of – The poems of Norman MacCaig – Published by Polygon.

Art & Texture

Hadeland glass
Spent some time watching the ice and marveling at its beauty (see previous post…) Then I looked up from doing the washing up (I lead a glamorous life….) to notice one of our Hadeland suncatchers hanging in the kitchen window – was the maker inspired by the ice too?
Texture, shape & pattern – I’m taking notes from nature and I’m not the only one….