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New Shop

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Another year and look what has happened, my friend Jan and I opened a new shop in Ullapool in 2015 – ceàrd sells the best of Scottish contemporary craft. Come and see us!

AA June shop 024

zzz Mark Sutton etc 008

AA July shop 024


Autumn and Winter Hare…

I’ve been an absentee blogger again – but am resolved to add posts more regularly! I have not been idle and have had the paint brushes out…

Winter Hare

Goodbye little house…Welcome new home….

Nedd is no longer home – we have washed up on another wild west coast shore, Loch Broom is a stick’s throw away and the strange unfamiliar place we moved into in January is shaping up nicely as a cosy home  – the lino is up, the floor boards are revealed the fire is lit – and the dogs, chickens, cats and humans are happy….


The Gallery opens next week with a stunning show of contemporary ceramic’s and the shop will be packed with fine arts and crafts from the Highlands…….Photo’s to follow……

Croft Cottage SOLD!

Our Cottage nesting in Nedd

Goodness I’ve been away from here for far too long – last time I looked there was blossom on the apple trees and now the fruit is almost ripe……
Many things have happened at Oystercatcher Cottage, we are in a state off flux with our little cottage up for sale – the Highland adventure is not over – it is just on the move…. Alba Art will stay with us and the wagon too!

Oystercatcher Cottage

Living Room



Some New Art & Brooches

Some photo’s of new work…

‘ The White Hare’ – ink on paper with gesso and varnish.

White Hare

New designs for brooches – including ‘The White Hare’.

My brooches

Beaches & Waterfalls

Take one dog add a waterfall then a beach, a picnic and the sun = a great afternoon out..

Who needs Barbados

In the mist of the waterfall

A rest after all that running

Some New Pictures…

Boxing Hares

Here we have some of my little gesso ink and canvas pictures, the frames are cut from the washed up deck of an old boat…

Canvas stag