Monthly Archives: May 2013

Some New Art & Brooches

Some photo’s of new work…

‘ The White Hare’ – ink on paper with gesso and varnish.

White Hare

New designs for brooches – including ‘The White Hare’.

My brooches

Beaches & Waterfalls

Take one dog add a waterfall then a beach, a picnic and the sun = a great afternoon out..

Who needs Barbados

In the mist of the waterfall

A rest after all that running

Some New Pictures…

Boxing Hares

Here we have some of my little gesso ink and canvas pictures, the frames are cut from the washed up deck of an old boat…

Canvas stag

Shop Open!

The Market Street Collective Shop opened in mid April – we sell the work of 30 local artists and crafts people, from ceramics to textiles and paintings to jewellery. Three of us run the shop, please take a look at our wares – if you see anything you like just email me and I can send you a link to the maker, they are a talented bunch….

3 Hares

The Gallery Shop

Yummy cards..

You can find the shop on Market Street in Ullapool and the fabulous An Talla Solais gallery – right next to the Village Hall! So if you are in the NW Highlands you know where to come for quality fine arts and crafts.

J Wrights canvas

shop display

Ancient Chihuahua….


Not art, but wonderful to draw…. our little 22 year old chihuahua…….He is old and grumpy and smells of yeast, he has half a dozen teeth left and snores as loud as any man, he is half blind and deaf and going bald…. but boy do we love him…why? Just take a look..

Bald tummy

Pancho in a basket...

Sitting in the sun

Guard chihuahua! Notice large dog letting small dog do the work!

For Lily in Sheffield xx