Monthly Archives: March 2013


Spent the afternoon at An Talla Solais in Ullapool yesterday – doing a dry point engraving class, I had great fun with really good company & a great teacher – but most importantly I renewed my interest in printing…

I  have always returned to mono prints – but now I think I will keep going with the engraving, there are always new techniques to learn and products to use….


 It’s a long time since I was an art student, and I tend to do what I’m comfortable with…….so my new moto is to start learning, keep experimenting, & keep going!

For info on great courses look at –

The Bulb Show

Bulbs and chicks!

I have neglected my posts and am officially a ‘bad blogger’…..
I do not know what caused my absence – perhaps I needed to hibernate, but with Spring just around the corner, frogs spawning and birds twiterpating I return to post anew!
To get in the mood for Spring I include a photo of my humble entry into the Stoer Hall Spring Bulb Show!