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Hot Dogs…Large and Small

Here are our dogs, they wanted a mention….

New art pics on the way, just need to charge the camera!

Hot cats and Christmas…

We have had an incredible summer here, there I have said it – and I’m trying not to feel guilty, as I know this has not been the case country-wide.

So we’ve enjoyed BBQ’s and walks and the Loch and the ….garden, it seems I can’t write without mentioning the GARDEN, there’s a courgette glut at the moment…..courgette wine? No, courgette chutney for Christmas, yes Christmas – I’m getting excited about Christmas already, just purchased a big retro paper bell decoration and some paxo sage and onion stuffing in preparation I LOVE CHRISTMAS! (I know it’s only August but a girl’s got to plan….)

So here’s some pics of August and Christmas in the tiny hamlet of Nedd….

Landscape, and other things gone….

It is strange to look back and see that so many of the things in this photo have gone…….On the wall was the first landscape I’d painted in 10 years – It is of Lower Duart in Assynt looking west to the Atlantic – and was sold in July, I’ll be back to the same spot this autumn to capture the colours again – I will not leave it 10 years this time…

The gilt framed antique watercolour has found a beautiful new home & owner near by, with the stag embossed cigar box heading for Cumbria………..we buy things that we love and sometimes it is hard to let them go, but we must, or our house would be full!

I must get busy and get on…


International canvas

A good week at alba art and antiques studio – great new contacts and sales made. Thank you.

It is  farewell to two of my favourite pieces – the stylised stag goes to Ireland and the ball hare to Australia, I hope they are enjoyed and travel well!

I have resisted the temptation to pack it all in & become an Olympic champ – I am what I am, a sedentary artist, but I have enjoyed the Olympic spectacle…..not sure what my event would have been? Perhaps if a javelin had been put in my hand rather than a pencil…..