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Just one more garden post

Could not resist posting these photo’s…..

Some Little July Paintings & Gavin Maxwell

Some photo’s of new work, as you can see otters are a key subject, we are lucky to have these wonderful creatures close by. It was the poetic writing of Gavin Maxwell that first drew me to the West Coast of the Highlands, and to seek out these elusive animals – but unlike the ill-fated Maxwell I acknowledge that it was the fairies that brought me here, and I just observe otters as they should be – wild and free.

Recommended Maxwell reading other than the starkly beautiful Ring of Bright Water  –

Raven Seek thy Brother – Gavin Maxwell

The Rocks Remain – Gavin Maxwell

The House of Elrig – Gavin Maxwell

Maxwell’s Ghost – Richard Frere

Gavin Maxwell a Life – Douglas Botting

Further harvest at Oystercatcher Cottage

After last weeks jam or wine dilemma (wine won…no surprise there…) it’s been simpler this week, with a savory feast of iridescent mackerel (care of our seafaring neighbour JR) home-grown tatties and courgettes (care of a packet of seed) The miracle of growth + a bit of muck and water eh!

I’ll photograph and post some of my new art work later this week – as this is supposed to be the Alba Art Studio blog after all – but I keep getting side tracked by the garden/produce, still my excuse is it will be autumn/winter soon enough when there will be no playing in the garden.


New work, the garden and goosberry jam.

We are well into July and the wagon has been open since Easter, we have had visitors from Scotland, England  across Europe and New Zealand – Fantastic folk all.

I realise that I need to paint/make every day, to keep coming up with new ideas to satisfy demand and keep our offer fresh. We are also in the process of opening an etsy shop at albaartstudio.etsy.

Thanks to working from home I can spend my breaks in the garden, this has benefited me and I think the garden. We have/had a bumper crop of gooseberries, strawberries, salad leaves, potato’s and courgettes, not to mention herbs galore and the prospect of a good apple harvest.

I’ve made a stash of gooseberry and rhubarb jam and have yet to decide what to do with the rest of the glut – wine or chutney?